New arrangements for cello and piano published

The violin repertoire with its many virtuoso pieces has been a source of fascination and inspiration since my early childhood. Although a number of arrangements have been done from the violin repertoire in the past, I have decided to arrange a few virtuosic pieces that have not been played on the cello before. These [...]

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Projects for the next season

Working with contemporary composers and performing their works, is a very creative and interesting process which I enjoy. It is of great importance to introduce and promote new works or lesser known compositions to the audience. I am working on a program to include works by the renowned Austrian composer, Friederich Cerha and some [...]

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World premières of contemporary compositions

Privileged to perform premières of newly composed works and to collaborate with the composers on their works, through concerts in the Musikverein, Vienna, under the baton of Maestro Peter Keuschnig with the Kontrapunkte Ensemble, and other projects. The very interesting new super-symmetric composition system, founded by Kurt Hofstetter, served as inspiration for composer Michael Mautner, [...]

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International Masterclasses

Masterclasses in Italy, Austria, Taiwan and the USA. Detailed information on masterclasses presented at the 'International Music Academies', Cremona, Italy; 'Wiener Musikseminar', Vienna, Austria; Taipei University of the Arts, Taiwan; as well as Boila University, La Mirada, Los Angeles, USA, will appear on the events calendar of this site.

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New Cello by Giorgio Grisales

The master Cremonese violinmaker, Giorgio Grisales, has recently made a very special cello, modeled on the "Fleur de Lys" Gagliano cello, for Anzél Gerber. The rich, sonorous qualities of the sound and the exquisite craftsmanship of the cello were commended in her recent performances. More information on Mr Grisales is available at

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Performances in Taiwan

On invitation of the Consortium of Violinmakers “Antonio Stradivari” of Cremona, Italy, Anzél Gerber performed on five cellos made by their finest luthiers, presented to the public during concerts in Taipei, Tainan and Kaoshiung, Taiwan.

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International Music Academies: Cremona, Italy

Strings faculty: Violin: Felix Andrievsky, Nigel Bardsley ,Viktor Basis, Anatoly Bazhenov, Roberto Cani, James Buswell, Mimi Dye, Jacob Lakirovich, Mark Lakirovich, Mischa Lakirovich, Natasha Lipkina, Lee-Chin Siow, Sophia Sogland, Jela Spitkova, Paola Tumeo. Viola: Viktor Basis, Robert Becker, Mimi Dye, Michael Kugel ,Mark Lakirovich, Mischa Lakirovich, Natasha Lipkina. Cello: Michael Bonner, Mark Churchill, Anzel Gerber, Alexaner Kaganovsky, László [...]

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World première performance

Matthijs van Dijk (1983- ) – Moments in a Life Denis Goldberg (narrator), Ferdinand Steiner (clarinet), Rob Knopper (percussion), Gareth Lubbe (overtone singer), Farida Bacharova (violin 1), Suzanne Martens (violin 2), Juan-Miguel Hernandez (viola), Anzel Gerber (cello), Uxia Martinez Botana (bass), Megan-Geoffrey Prins (piano), Xandi van Dijk (conductor) Denis Goldberg, now an internationally recognised human [...]

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Global Music Awards Interview

  Gold Medal Winner Anzel Gerber Praised by various critics for her ability to capture the audience through her mature artistic approach, extraordinary musicality and inimitable technique, Gerber performs on internationally renowned stages. Please click here to read the full interview.

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