World première performance

Matthijs van Dijk (1983- ) – Moments in a Life
Denis Goldberg (narrator), Ferdinand Steiner (clarinet), Rob Knopper (percussion), Gareth Lubbe (overtone singer), Farida Bacharova (violin 1), Suzanne Martens (violin 2), Juan-Miguel Hernandez (viola), Anzel Gerber (cello), Uxia Martinez Botana (bass), Megan-Geoffrey Prins (piano), Xandi van Dijk (conductor)

Denis Goldberg, now an internationally recognised human rights activist, public speaker and author, spent 22 years in prison together with Nelson Mandela. He will narrate the text, extracted from his autobiography The Mission: A Life for Freedom in South Africa, as part of a new composition by Matthijs van Dijk at the Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival (SICMF).

2016-07-14T12:30:15+02:00 Performances|